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Sunday, February 23, 2020
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Clinical Care Reports

  • Patient Activity
  • Clinical Care Activity
  • Monthly Receiving Unit Totals
  • Receiving Unit Time And Attendance

Intervention Reports

  • Interventions By Receiving Unit
  • Interventions By Staff Member
  • Interventions By Location

Supplies Reports

  • Supply Uses By Receiving Unit
  • Supply Uses By Staff Member
  • Supply Uses By Location

Staff Activity Reports

  • Staff Activity
  • Receiving Unit
  • Daily Activity
  • Monthly Staff Activity
  • Receiving Unit Staff Totals
  • Staff Totals
  • Location Staff Totals
  • Staff Summary

Patient Journey Reports

  • Patient Journey
  • Patient Journey Summary By Intervention

Audit Reports

  • Staff Daily Input Totals
  • Unusual Patient Activity
  • Unusually Long Attendances
  • Incorrectly Located Sessions

Referral Reports

  • Referral List
  • Referral Count
  • Recently Seen Patients

HoNoS Reports

  • HONOS Patient Answers
  • HONOS Staff Summary
  • HONOS Staff Detailed

Cross Discipline Reports

  • Discipline Comparison

Statutory Reports

  • DoHRS- Department of Health Reporting System  


  • Ahbg Extract Report
About Us

Who is Chappell Dean Pty Ltd?

Activity BarCoding is a software solution provided by Chappell Dean Pty Limited, an Australian consultancy and systems provider with over fifteen years experience in providing support to the healthcare industry.
The Chappell Dean team of systems analysts, database administrators, software developers, and healthcare professionals provide a wide range of services to The Health Roundtable Limited, a consortium of over 100 health care facilities in every state and territory in Australia and every District Health Board in New Zealand.

Chappell Dean developed the Activity BarCoding solution for use initially in the healthcare industry after seeing the amount of time required by professional staff to enter administrative data. The ABC system has been developed over the last four years in consultation with staff at several health services to ensure that it provides more accurate information while consuming less professional time than alternative systems.

Chappell Dean is committed to providing a professional, long-term solution for its clients, and its quality assurance processes are accredited to ISO-9001 standards through independent audits of its practices.


Our Passion - is simplicity

We believe that technology in healthcare is meant to make our jobs easier and empower us to spend more time on the important tasks of improving patient lives.
We identified that too much time is spent by highly qualified staff on low value tasks such as manually recording their activities and clinical interactions.
We developed ABC as a simple but advanced system to capture your staff activities whilst providing advanced business reports.

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