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Sunday, February 23, 2020
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Clinical Care Reports

  • Patient Activity
  • Clinical Care Activity
  • Monthly Receiving Unit Totals
  • Receiving Unit Time And Attendance

Intervention Reports

  • Interventions By Receiving Unit
  • Interventions By Staff Member
  • Interventions By Location

Supplies Reports

  • Supply Uses By Receiving Unit
  • Supply Uses By Staff Member
  • Supply Uses By Location

Staff Activity Reports

  • Staff Activity
  • Receiving Unit
  • Daily Activity
  • Monthly Staff Activity
  • Receiving Unit Staff Totals
  • Staff Totals
  • Location Staff Totals
  • Staff Summary

Patient Journey Reports

  • Patient Journey
  • Patient Journey Summary By Intervention

Audit Reports

  • Staff Daily Input Totals
  • Unusual Patient Activity
  • Unusually Long Attendances
  • Incorrectly Located Sessions

Referral Reports

  • Referral List
  • Referral Count
  • Recently Seen Patients

HoNoS Reports

  • HONOS Patient Answers
  • HONOS Staff Summary
  • HONOS Staff Detailed

Cross Discipline Reports

  • Discipline Comparison

Statutory Reports

  • DoHRS- Department of Health Reporting System  


  • Ahbg Extract Report
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