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Sunday, February 23, 2020
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Clinical Care Reports

  • Patient Activity
  • Clinical Care Activity
  • Monthly Receiving Unit Totals
  • Receiving Unit Time And Attendance

Intervention Reports

  • Interventions By Receiving Unit
  • Interventions By Staff Member
  • Interventions By Location

Supplies Reports

  • Supply Uses By Receiving Unit
  • Supply Uses By Staff Member
  • Supply Uses By Location

Staff Activity Reports

  • Staff Activity
  • Receiving Unit
  • Daily Activity
  • Monthly Staff Activity
  • Receiving Unit Staff Totals
  • Staff Totals
  • Location Staff Totals
  • Staff Summary

Patient Journey Reports

  • Patient Journey
  • Patient Journey Summary By Intervention

Audit Reports

  • Staff Daily Input Totals
  • Unusual Patient Activity
  • Unusually Long Attendances
  • Incorrectly Located Sessions

Referral Reports

  • Referral List
  • Referral Count
  • Recently Seen Patients

HoNoS Reports

  • HONOS Patient Answers
  • HONOS Staff Summary
  • HONOS Staff Detailed

Cross Discipline Reports

  • Discipline Comparison

Statutory Reports

  • DoHRS- Department of Health Reporting System  


  • Ahbg Extract Report
Customer References & Success Stories

Noah Mitchell - St Vincent's hospital ABC solution


"Much less time and the entry is much more accurate. The best thing about the system is that stats have been incorporated into the work function i.e it has become part of the treatment procedure like writing in the notes.  The functionality of the system at the clinical level is one of its best functions and my guys love it. In comparison to the previous system, there really is no comparison as the direct entry was time-consuming and inaccurate." 

Noah Mitchell
Physiotherapy Manager
St Vincent's Public Hospital


"ABC gives leaders at all levels of the organisation the information needed to plan for improvement in both the professional and service spheres of health. ABC allows Allied Health leaders to generate ideas from real time information and monitor and analysis service and model of care changes made to improve health care." 

Mark Butterworth
Executive Director of Allied Health
Metro North Brisbane

"As the Director of Allied Health at St Vincent's, I have been delighted with the information available to us from the ABC system.  The data collection process has been easier, quicker and much more appealing for staff than previous systems we have used. The reporting functions literally saves our managers hours of time per month and the breadth of information available within moments has been extremely useful for our business submissions and activity reviews.  We have been able to link ABC with our casemix data enabling great benchmarking capability and giving us a very clear picture of how we are using our resources. Overall we are very pleased with the system and look forward to the increasing capabilities relating to the patient journey reports." 

Grainne O'Loughlin
Director of Allied Health
St Vincent's  Public Hospital


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