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Sunday, February 23, 2020
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Clinical Care Reports

  • Patient Activity
  • Clinical Care Activity
  • Monthly Receiving Unit Totals
  • Receiving Unit Time And Attendance

Intervention Reports

  • Interventions By Receiving Unit
  • Interventions By Staff Member
  • Interventions By Location

Supplies Reports

  • Supply Uses By Receiving Unit
  • Supply Uses By Staff Member
  • Supply Uses By Location

Staff Activity Reports

  • Staff Activity
  • Receiving Unit
  • Daily Activity
  • Monthly Staff Activity
  • Receiving Unit Staff Totals
  • Staff Totals
  • Location Staff Totals
  • Staff Summary

Patient Journey Reports

  • Patient Journey
  • Patient Journey Summary By Intervention

Audit Reports

  • Staff Daily Input Totals
  • Unusual Patient Activity
  • Unusually Long Attendances
  • Incorrectly Located Sessions

Referral Reports

  • Referral List
  • Referral Count
  • Recently Seen Patients

HoNoS Reports

  • HONOS Patient Answers
  • HONOS Staff Summary
  • HONOS Staff Detailed

Cross Discipline Reports

  • Discipline Comparison

Statutory Reports

  • DoHRS- Department of Health Reporting System  


  • Ahbg Extract Report

Providing information for better decisions

 Saving time for treating patients

 For less than $A1.00 per day per user*, Activity BarCoding can be used by your staff.



Allied Health System                                         Palliative Care System


Community Care System



Mental Health System                     Skills Training & Medical Asset Tracking System


Challenges in Healthcare
  • Statutory recording and reporting of activity data
  • Tight budgets - Staff shortages
  • Managing large teams of people, focused on different tasks in distributed locations

Solution - Activity BarCoding System
Using individually issued scanners and a custom configured intranet site, ABC can gather and aggregate the data you require and convert it into meaningful information. 
  • Designed to be highly configurable, allowing a tailored solution in capturing and reporting the information you need.
  • Enables quick and easy recording of your time, using custom groupings, such as:
    • Patient interactions – Clinical Care
    • Teaching and Training
    • Research
    • Management
    • Travel
  • Assists in identifying low value activities taking up precious limited resources.
  • Empowers the organisation to make critical resourcing decisions based on real data.
  • Integrates with existing PAS software, to further eliminate entering information that is already available elsewhere in your organisation.
  • Locally designed, produced and supported, ensuring custom fit for Australian Healthcare needs.
  • Improves job satisfaction by substantially reducing paperwork and the time required to manually record activities.  


*Based on a Subscription licence, with more than 55 users, does not include scanner cost or setup costs. Conditions apply.

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