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Sunday, February 23, 2020
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Clinical Care Reports

  • Patient Activity
  • Clinical Care Activity
  • Monthly Receiving Unit Totals
  • Receiving Unit Time And Attendance

Intervention Reports

  • Interventions By Receiving Unit
  • Interventions By Staff Member
  • Interventions By Location

Supplies Reports

  • Supply Uses By Receiving Unit
  • Supply Uses By Staff Member
  • Supply Uses By Location

Staff Activity Reports

  • Staff Activity
  • Receiving Unit
  • Daily Activity
  • Monthly Staff Activity
  • Receiving Unit Staff Totals
  • Staff Totals
  • Location Staff Totals
  • Staff Summary

Patient Journey Reports

  • Patient Journey
  • Patient Journey Summary By Intervention

Audit Reports

  • Staff Daily Input Totals
  • Unusual Patient Activity
  • Unusually Long Attendances
  • Incorrectly Located Sessions

Referral Reports

  • Referral List
  • Referral Count
  • Recently Seen Patients

HoNoS Reports

  • HONOS Patient Answers
  • HONOS Staff Summary
  • HONOS Staff Detailed

Cross Discipline Reports

  • Discipline Comparison

Statutory Reports

  • DoHRS- Department of Health Reporting System  


  • Ahbg Extract Report
Community Nursing


The Activity BarCoding system helps you record both patient interactions and staff activities in a community or ambulatory environment using a simple set of pre-printed bar codes. This saves data entry trime, ensuring that scarce resources are channelled into areas that need focus.


With a greater focus on primary, community and ambulatory care, ABC is versatile and robust allowing it to operate for days without an internet connection.  The scanner is the size of a match box and can easily be carried by a staff member.
Most importantly, your staff can capture the interactions they have with patients in the community more accurately and in more detail, so that you can truly start analysing the patient journeys that are occurring and adjust your care delivery models.

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